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When you do a cabling job, getting it right the first time is absolutely essential. The secret to a truly cost effective cabling installation is to build an infrastructure that will accommodate your current needs as well as any future needs you might have. Lowering your install cost to its bare minimum is quite tempting, and we've seen lots of companies do it... and regret it. The sad thing is that once it's done it's very expensive to change. A properly planned and installed cabling infrastructure will serve your company well for many years and will save you a great deal of frustration, time, and —most importantly— money!
Top 5 Cabling Mistakes
1. Not installing enough jacks per location
2. Installing separate data and voice cabling
3. Omitting jacks in areas where you don't think they'll be needed, but later will be
4. Not using fire-rated cable
5. Not planning computer room location for cable distance requirements