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At ACS, we realize that e-mail has quickly evolved from a communication accessory to an essential business tool. For that reason we've created what we call Corporate E-mail. With the help of Microsoft Exchange Server, we're able to offer an e-mail solution that will redefine your expectations.

With a Corporate E-mail account from ACS, you'll be able to run Microsoft Outlook with its full range of features: Connect Your Site
If your business needs to run its own mail server, or does so already, what do you do when your connection to the Internet goes down? Do people get rejection notices when they send you e-mail? You can leverage our redundant multi-homed network to solve this problem. ACS can process your incoming mail and buffer it in case you have a network outage. While your Internet connection is down, your incoming mail is accepted by our servers where it is held in a queue until your connection is restored. You don't lose any mail and your customers and business contacts never even knew you had a problem.