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Multi-Homed to the Internet
Multiple links to the Internet through a diversity of providers provides redundancy and speed to your Internet destination. As the Internet constantly grows and changes, our equipment continuously analyzes all available paths, sending your data through the shortest and most efficient route possible. Should one of our links to the Internet fail, routers automatically and instantly utilize an alternate path to your destination.

Climate-Controlled, Secured Environment

Servers and communication equipment are housed in a limited-access environment which is maintained at a temperature between 67 and 70 degrees 24 hours per day. Access is restricted via both biometric and card-key verification, digitally recorded, and monitored by security personnel. Door Access, Motion, and Vibration intrusion detection devices are utilized in all critical areas with central monitoring and direct police notification.

Uninterruptible Power Supplies provide backup power
UPS systems are employed to keep our facilities up and running in the event of a prolonged power outage. All power is filtered through the UPS systems, protecting equipment against spikes and brownouts. All power fluctuations are recorded and reviewed periodically to pinpoint power problems or irregularities. Ten 2.1 Megawatt Diesel generators employ military grade continuous power generation methods to provide 21 Megawatts of capacity to the data center.