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Application Control Systems, Inc. was founded in 1988 to provide software and computer services to businesses in the San Francisco Bay Area. Development of business applications in the accounting, banking, and inventory-distribution areas combined with acquiring of core customers occupied the first few years of growth. Systems analysis and software development for clients resulted in the development of systems for General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Order Entry, Warehousing, Time Management and Billing, and Electronic Banking. These systems were developed for midsize and large computer systems with the additional capacity for providing these services in an "On-line" environment for clients not able to purchase their own machines. These services provided clients with terminals and printers at the client location for input and output functions while all data and computing functions were housed at the ACS data center much like Application Service Providers function today.

With the growing use of personal computers, ACS began offering network support services to new and existing clients. These services and the addition of the Internet have led to the current ACS company profile of an Internet Service Provider with complete Network Integration Services and an in-depth knowledge of Applications and Systems. Today ACS provides Wide Area Network connections for both Internal Corporate Connections as well as Internet connectivity including DSL, T1, Frame-Relay and others. Consulting services include Wide Area and Local Area Network Design functions as well as Software and Hardware vendor selection. Hosting services encompass web site hosting on ACS servers as well as dedicated server hosting.