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Mailgin Email Gateway Service

The Problem
  • Junk mail has flooded today’s email systems and today represents 60 % or more of email traffic
  • Automated systems generate millions of junk messages per hour often with forged or non-existent return addresses to hide their identity
  • Many junk mailers alter the format and content of their messages to appear as legitimate messages to junk filters and recipients

The Effect
  • The user's time is wasted scanning junk mail for legitimate messages
  • IT Staff time is wasted dealing with complaints of lost legitimate mail
  • Legitimate email is flagged or deleted due to false positives
  • Bandwidth is wasted by junk mail being received and responded to
  • Computer power is wasted by email servers handling and storing junk mail
  • Handheld Email devices become unusable
  • Exposure to virus's and security flaws is increased by handling unwanted email

The Solution

Like a cotton gin that separates the unwanted seeds from the cotton, Mailgin Gateway Service separates junk mail from legitimate mail before it reaches your Internet connection and mail server.

How It Works
Your domain's email is directed to Mailgin servers at our data center that receive all incoming email. The sender of the inbound message is checked against the database to determine if this sender has been approved to send mail to this user. If so, the email is passed on to the user's mailbox on the corporate server.

If the sender is not on the allowed senders list, the message is placed in the user's Mailgin Queue and a confirmation message is sent to the sender requesting they verify that they are a legitimate sender by clicking on a link to the Mailgin confirmation web page. Once the sender clicks on the confirmation button, they are added to the approved senders list for this user and any mail in the user's queue from that sender is immediately forwarded to the user's mailbox on the corporate server.

Since 99 % of all junk mail is automated and a very high percentage of the sender's addresses are non-existent, confirmation requests sent by mailgin to junk mail senders never reach the sender. This means that their messages are never delivered to the user's mailbox.

Mailgin's confirmation method is simple and straightforward so legitimate sender's mail is quickly forwarded to the user.

The user can view and control their Mailgin Queue at anytime from any standard Internet browser. All items are displayed for the user to accept, accept and add the sender to the allowed senders list, or reject the item.

Since items in the queue are periodically deleted by the system, no maintenance is required by the user or the IT staff and once the user is comfortable with Mailgin the queue can be virtually ignored.

Outbound Email from your domain can also be routed through our Mailgin servers. All addresses a user emails to can be automatically added to the allowed senders list, insuring that any replies will be passed directly to the user’s Email box.

Initial loading of the allowed senders list can be done in bulk from the user’s Contact list if desired.

Why Mailgin?

No wasted user time
Mailgin is a different type of filtering requiring approval of email to be received instead of guessing if email is junk or legitimate. The result is that the user does not need to comb through hundreds of emails every day to determine if any good emails have been filtered as junk.

No lost email
Other filtering methods rely on complicated algorithms or the consensus of other users to determine what is junk or lists of who not to let in that can be inaccurate and result in legitimate email being filtered.

No wasted server resources
Since junk mail never reaches the email server, server resources are conserved from not processing junk messages and responding to non-existing address with non-delivery reports.

No wasted Internet bandwidth
Since junk mail is stopped at our Mailgin servers, it never enters the client’s Internet connection, conserving incoming and outgoing bandwidth for legitimate traffic.

No wasted IT Staff Time
Using the positive permission method and providing users access to their own filtered queue relieves IT staff of the burden of chasing down messages that have been falsely filtered.

Quick and Easy to implement
Other filtering methods are complicated to implement requiring significant education on the part of the IT staff and users. Mailgin can be implemented in an afternoon with users experiencing the benefits the next day.

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