About ACS > Philosophy

Customer relationships are important to us
ACS strives to provide you with the level of service we like to receive from our vendors. We are not striving to be the biggest company in the computer business, just the best. We think a legitimate concern for our customers and the application of common sense to problems is the way to accomplish this goal.

We should know before you do that your network has a problem
Our monitoring service often allows us to know before you do when you are experiencing a network connectivity problem. We remedy many problems without the client ever knowing there was a problem. When appropriate, we provide an E-mail or phone call to alert you to the nature of the problem and its impact on your operations. You should know why something happened. Whenever a network problem occurs, we strive to provide you not only with knowledge of the problem but also why it happened and what was done to correct the problem.

We are in business for the long term
Our customer retention rate exceeds 95%. We do the best job possible for our clients because we want to keep you as a satisfied customer.