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Anti Virus Updates and Information
Symantec AntiVirus - Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Corporate Edition, Macintosh
McAfee Virus Scan - Versions 5.x and 6.x
McAfee Virex - Macintosh
Symantec Security Response
Virus Hoaxes [Symantec]
Virus Hoaxes [CIAC's Hoaxbusters]

Network Security and Spam
Microsoft Security Bulletins
CERT/CC - Computer Emergency Response Team Coordination Center
CIAC - Computer Incident Advisory Capability [US Dept. of Energy]
MAPS - Mail Abuse Prevention System
NJABL - Not Just Another Bogus List
Multi-RBL check
CAUCE - Coalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
Network Abuse Clearinghouse

Internet Tools
WHOIS - [Verisign] (domain names)
WHOIS - [American Registry for Internet Numbers] (IP Addresses)
DNS Stuff
Central Ops
Looking Glass Directory
Fixed Orbit
Security Space Web Probe
Route Views (Telnet)
Network Calculators

Information Resources
Windows NT/2000 FAQ
Ask Mr. DNS
Network Speeds
Fiber Optic Connector Reference
Ethernet Cables - HowTo
Robert Graham's Firewall Seen FAQ
Robert Graham's other Infosec Publications
CIDR Table
Country Codes
Search Microsoft
Microsoft Knowledge Base
Microsoft TechNet
Microsoft Security Bulletins
Zip+4 Database
SMARTPages Reverse Lookup
Telephone Prefix Location Directory
Local Calling Guide
Area Code Lookup Service
Airport Codes
California Independent System Operator Current Load
Snopes.com Urban Legends Reference Pages

C|Net News
Wired News

Useful Free Software
Mozilla Firefox
TeraTerm Pro
Programmer's File Editor
Google Toolbar - This prevents pop-ups

Useful Inexpensive Software